CAF Ceramic &
Porcelain Tiles

  • Who: CAF Ceramics
  • When: 2015
  • What: Website, Social Media Management
  • User Interface

  • Media Promotion

  • SEO & Marketing

  • User Experience

  • Digital Branding

  • Creative Design

CAF Ceramics & Porcelain are an independent mid to upper tiered bespoke tile showroom and warehouse who were in need of web development & SEO services to reflect the standard of service and the quality of products they offer. Wanting to reach both the domestic consumer market but also wanting to target tradesmen to develop trade accounts and network with property developers we were able to construct a website that catered for each market whilst driving traffic to their brick and mortar store. Due to the quality and bespoke nature of their tile offerings it was highly unlikely that many purchases would be made online under the assumption that potential customers wanting to make this kind of investment in to their property would want to see the products in the flesh. Whilst all of the products that CAF stock are visible on the website it was mutually agreed with the management team that the investment versus reward returns for developing an online shop would be unlikely to generate enough return to warrant its inception.

SEO Strategy

After the successful delivery of their website aided by our SEO strategy to ensure their business was found, CAF Ceramics & Porcelain requested us to take over their social media strategy using a similar multi tiered approach to each of their desired target audiences. Through curated content development combined with PPC (Pay Per Click) social media adverts we have been able to drive their desired audience to the business to engage in each of the services they have on offer.
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