• Who: French Roofing
  • When: 2016
  • Mission: Website, Social Media Management
  • User Interface

  • Media Promotion

  • SEO & Marketing

  • User Experience

  • Digital Branding

  • Creative Design

As one of the UK’s leading roofing contractors French Roofing Services were branching out from being solely a roofing contractor servicing some of the biggest development sites across to the UK, to adding a roofing supply arm to their business. A full ecommerce online shop for their new supply side of the business was developed which also granted access to their in house team to amend any stock lines or their availability as and when they needed. Initially the idea behind this was to reduce management costs for the business by having an in house team member be able to make all these additions.


But, as the business has continued to grow with their online offerings and their brick and mortar store presence we were asked to take on management of this service relieving the in house team of this additional duty and allowing them to focus on what they are experts at. We are also in the early stages of creating a campaign for their social media presence and PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising online.
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